safe for your skin, safe for the earth

I created this brand to bring eastern herbs that I love and trust growing up in Sri Lanka to the forefront of western skincare. After moving to California and seeing no real representation of these plants in the skincare industry, I decided to create a brand of my own. This brand is an homage to my heritage, an invitation to experience the wonders of ayurveda, and a little nudge to awaken your innate beauty.

a softer you, rooted in Ayurveda

For those who believe in slow, organic shifts for an awakened realm of beauty, deeply rooted in culture.

OFTHEROOT is at the heart of this movement - A revival of your mind, body and soul. It deepens your connection to the earth using the infinite ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Raw, solar-powered, results-driven potent formulations that are free from chemicals and created for your skin and sensibility. Trust in the magic of these plants and time-tested rituals to rejuvenate your skin’s health to unearth the beauty that’s within you.

Inspired by Sri Lanka, Made in Oakland